Arctic Smash

Put on your gear and hit the slopes with Arctic Smash! With a ton of exciting and fun content this is THE game to download right now!

You’ll have an amazing range of different game features to chose from. Wanna ski, snowboard or jump on a sled? Fancy hopping on a snowmobile and race down the mountains? There are day and night features, downhill and uphill modes, lots of levels or an infinite chill runner mode... and so much more ….! Slalom around obstacles down the snowy hills, dive past giant snowballs and beware of the slippy stuff! Anything goes, as long as you get to bottom!!

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Explore deep space on SPCR-X and watch out for dangerous obstacles on the way to your base!

Weave past spikes and asteroids, maneuver through lasers and moving objects. Survive the mission and protect your crew!

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The Rail Runner

Available now on iOS Apple's App Store


STORY The following events take place after the war of 55 when the AI takes control of the Government.


Chapter 1: All electronic communications send by the Resistance are being intercepted by the Central Intelligence, the Resistance send their best runners to deliver programs through higher parts of the city.

Runners face the Central Intelligence in the form of drones. It is a dangerous job, most of the runners have been captured or killed in the process. The Resistance is running out of options, luckily they can count on Gavriel, a talented young runner.
Miranda City, Year 2085...


With the amazing game art by Francesca de Vivo Skyline of Miranda City

And with game music by the artist Vlad Venom

Sound Engineering by Patrick Schmitt

About Us

Benfont Limited is an independent game development studio in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. We create and release videogames for several platforms such as mobile and desktop apps. With themes leaning towards sci-fi, cyberpunk and old school arcade games, we are passionate about creating cool and fun games with a retro feel. We truly believe that video games are art.

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  • GAME: The Rail Runner
  • PLATFORMS: Mobile and Desktop coming soon
  • RELEASE: Autumn 2016
  • COMPANY: Benfont Limited
  • FOUNDED:July 2016
  • LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland

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